With the help of CrossGenerate, a data solution can be implemented much faster. Our generator is independent of technology and architecture. This makes CrossGenerate suitable for implementing a completely new solution, but it can also be used in an existing solution to speed up development.

CrossGenerate is our generator for data solutions. In a model-driven approach, the generator generates the software based on the model and software templates.

CrossGenerate has been developed with the following two basic principles

Supports any technology

Supports any technology
Code templates can be created in any technology. The templates are maintained in the IDE associated with the technology. So an SSIS template can be built in Visual Studio, an Azure Data Factory template in the Azure Data Factory web environment, SQL template in a SQL editor etc.

Architecture independent

CrossGenerate has no built-in architecture patterns. Whether a Datavault, dimensional model, Inmon or other modeling form is desired, CrossGenerate can be connected to this.

Why CrossGenerate


CrossGenerate has a software as a service licensing model. The costs consist of a one-time setup fee of € 3,000 and a monthly amount based on the chosen license type.

The setup rate includes two days of on-site support or 20 hours of remote support.

License types

CrossGenerate wordt aangeboden in drie contracttypes:

License typeMonthly rateRate per cycle1
Pay as you go2€ 50,- €2,-
Unlimited team3€ 500,-
Unlimited enterprise € 1.000,-

1 A cycle is one call of CrossGenerate with one or multiple model/template/config combinations.
2 With pay as you go, the monthly fee is only billed for months that CrossGenerate is used.
3 Unlimited team is available for teams with up to five distinct users per month.

Cost examples

The table below shows the monthly costs for various usage volumes per license type. These cost examples do not include the one-time setup rate.

Contract type50 Cycles250 Cycles500 Cycles1000 Cycles
Pay as you go €150,-€550,-€1.050,-€2.050,-
Unlimited team€500,-€500,-€500,-€500,-
Unlimited enterprise€1.000,-€1.000,-€1.000,-€1.000,-

Support costs

The table below shows the costs for the different types of support that can be offered by CrossGenerate.

Type of supportRate excluding VAT
Per mail
Remote per hour€100
Multi ticket 20 hours remote
(valid for one year)
On-site per half day€600
On-site per day€1.000

All amounts on this page are in Euros and exclusive of VAT.

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