Career at CrossBreeze

At CrossBreeze you are part of a small, professional organization in which you have control in all kinds of areas over the fulfillment of your role as an employee.

We offer you

As en employee we offer you:


We do not believe in long-term assignments where you spend five days a week with one customer as if you were an internal employee there. Consultancy at CrossBreeze means that you are working for multiple customers to implement model-driven data solutions based on our vision. You develop smart custom solutions with colleagues or you support the internal development department of our customers with the implementation of a model-driven approach. Rather develop on our own products? Also an option!


In principle, all our employees work on location for a maximum of four days a week. We work together from our own office for at least one day a week. We aim to have a minimum of two CrossBreeze employees with each customer. This means that you often have colleagues nearby that you can fall back on.

Have a drink with colleagues after working hours? Great! But always on a voluntary basis. You will not encounter mandatory team meetings in the evening with us.


With us you determine what your role and terms of employment will look like. Do you opt for security and a fixed salary? No problem. Would you rather be able to earn a higher income based on your own realized turnover? Also possible!


Do you have a good idea that you want to implement? Excellent! We will help you get started and can offer you an environment where you can start with your development without having to arrange all the surrounding matters yourself. Do you want to continue with your idea completely independently at some point? That too is always negotiable!

Freedom and Responsibility

We like to bind our employees with an inspiring working environment and fun projects, not with sealed contracts, competition and relationship clauses. We try to offer you as much freedom and ownership as possible in your role within CrossBreeze. Do you decide at some point that we are no longer the company that best suits your development and ambitions? Then we like to part ways in good agreement so that we can both look back positively on our time together. Perhaps we can help eachother out again in the future!

Wanted: Data Solution Engineer

We are hiring! Are you a software developer who is experienced in creating data solutions? Or do you come from a different software development discipline and want to work more with data? Would you like to work for an employer that focuses on quality and puts you in control over your own career? Lets meet!

Your profile

Either you have:

  • worked on data solutions before, for example implementing a Datawarehouse.
  • worked as a software engineer in a different discipline and want to do more with data.

You have an interest in model driven and automated software development. You are not tied to a single technology stack but you like to broaden your technical horizon. You like to do things the smart way, using automation or implementing a generic, reusable solution. Besides working hands-on in a software project you are also a sparring partner on conceptual and architectural level. you know how to balance between the optimal so-lution from a technical perspective on one hand and the customer requirements on the other. You have what it takes on a social and professional level to get the job done for our customers, either individually or within a team.

Function profile

Being a Data Solution Consultant means you participate in projects for midlevel companies and you work as a team member for larger corporations. If you like, you can combine such a project with smaller projects or internal product development for one day a week.

Your activities in a project consist of designing, modeling and implementing a data solution. You will work in a scrum team where the team is responsible for iteratively creating the required product. You focus on working efficiently and U use automation where this is beneficial.


  • A college or university diploma, preferably in information technology
  • Experience as a data engineer in data warehouse projects
  • Experienced in data modeling, using for example UML, Inmon, Kimball or Datavault
  • Knowledge of SQL on at least one database platform
  • Excellent communication skills


  • Experienced in data modeling
  • Experience with using and configuring CI/CD pipelines and (automated) unit testing.
  • Knowledge of object oriented programming (Java, C#, …)
  • Experienced in working in an agile scrum team
  • Experience with SAP PowerDesigner, both modeling with- and extending PowerDesigner.

Our offer

  • Be part of a small organization where you are, within customer restrictions, free to work from our office, the customer location or your home
  • Have a lot of influence on the projects that you undertake and the direction of your career
  • The opportunity to set up your own product or service within CrossBreeze
  • A budget for training
  • Freedom of choice with regards to transportation (lease car, public transportation subscription, bike and/or travelling allowance)
  • An interesting and transparent remuneration model where you can balance a fixed and variable component to your liking.


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