About CrossBreeze

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CrossBreeze is founded by Harmen Wessels and Willem Otten. Together they provide for more than twenty years of experience in designing and developing data solutions for large and mid-size organizations. After working together on a data warehouse project for a large financial organization they decided to start their own company to help organizations improve their data solution development. CrossBreeze helps organizations by providing tools for DWH-automation, best practices regarding the development process & application architecture and consultancy to support customers implementing these tools and practices.

Harmen Wessels

Harmen started his first company in 2007 during his study. After working for several software consultancy companies Harmen has been working as an independent BI and DWH consultant since 2014. Harmens combines strong analytical capabilities with a very good eye for detail and accuracy. These skills combined with his experience in development and test automation make for a valuable sparring partner in all aspects of data solution development.

Willem Otten

Willem has been developing software since 2002, specializing in DWH and BI software since 2009. He combines a solid technical background with the ability to quickly relate to needs and challenges of business stakeholders. Willem has worked for several organizations, ranging from financial organizations and healthcare institutes to software consultancy firms. Development automation by applying model-driven development concepts has been an essential part of his work in most of these working environments.